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Get Out Of Pain And Heal Injuries Using Natural Techniques

Neurological and biomechanical diagnostic services are available to you for restoring your body’s ability to feel good and work correctly.

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Get relief from pain and rehab after an injury.


Train with my assistants to correct and maintain a strong body.

At Melita Fitness & Rehab, you have multiple options to help work on your pain and injury rehabilitation. All new clients must schedule an initial diagnostic/treatment session with Dan Melita, MS, CMT and then they have the choice to work with any of our team members for their continued treatments, which will follow the protocol put forth by Dan.

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I’ve heard from countless clients that have tried acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, surgery, medications and various other treatments with little to no success. Many of these people get pain relief after one session with me. It is wonderful to hear when a client of mine tells me that they were able to finally walk up stairs without pain after years of dealing with it.

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When a client comes to me, I use different techniques to treat and relieve pain due to a variety of issues. I get many patients from doctor referrals who want a non-invasive pain treatment. Most of my clients experience a great reduction in their pain after one session. Read more for common issues I treat.



At some point in your life, you may experience an injury. With a combination of manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises, I can help correct your muscular imbalances. When strengthening and fixing these imbalances, it will help treat current injuries and prevent further ones.



Whatever your fitness goals may be, I will help you get there in a safe and effective manner. By creating a customized exercise program, I can build a solid foundation that will allow you to progress to the next level. Whether you are looking to improve your sport performance, lose weight, are preparing for child birth, or any other fitness goal, I have the experience and knowledge to help you get where you want to be.


Mary Y. says

“I am a primary care physician in San Diego and have been seeing Dan Melita myself on a regular basis as well as referring to him my friends, family, and many patients I see in my clinical practice. I highly recommend Dan’s expertise. He has unique diagnostic, neurokinetic and myofascial skill sets that are not taught in medical school, chiropractic school or physical therapy school. You get unique expertise when you see Dan.

Dan has expertly and quickly treated various physical issues I’ve had over the past 18months : plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, grade III ankle sprain, locked hip, quadratus laborum and sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, and neck pain etc.. I am now in the best physical shape of my life and am the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

I have recommended many friends, family members, and patients to Dan who have had a myriad of symptoms: dizziness, myofascial chest pain, ankle pain, hip pain, neck pain, back pain, etc. I have always been impressed with Dan’s diagnostic abilities — he can quickly and accurately diagnose what muscle is dysfunctioning and why — whether the muscle is hypertonic or being inhibited by another muscle. He then expertly applies varies neurokinetic and myofascial trigger point release techniques to relax and normalize the abnormal muscle. HIs expertize usually yields rapid results which never ceases to amaze me.

I highly recommend Dan!”

Barry E. says

“I have been an Emergency Medicine physician in San Diego for over 20 years and have been Dan Melita’s patient for the last year. I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to non-traditional methods of medical care but the results I’ve gotten from Dan’s treatment have really impressed me.

I was referred to Dan in the hopes of avoiding cervical spine surgery for a herniated disc when traditional medical therapy (physical therapy, oral steroids, pain medication and epidural steroid injections) were unsuccessful over a six month period. Dan used his expertise in neurokinesiology and myofascial release as well as strength training to successfully alleviate my pain from the herniated disc.

The pain relief was just one piece of the successful treatment by Dan. The chronic pain caused by my herniated disc led to what I feared would be a permanent postural change called kyphosis (head, neck and shoulders hunched forward/bent over). Dan’s experience in rehabilitative exercise combined with being a certified strength and conditioning specialist was instrumental in restoring the proper alignment of my neck and upper back as well as the retraction of my shoulders.“

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Why choose Melita Fitness & Rehab?

I work hard to provide the highest quality fitness and rehabilitation services in San Diego. My academic and military background make me one of the most qualified trainers or movement therapists in the nation. With a M.S. in Rehabilitation Sciences, a B.S. in Kinesiology, a CSCS certification, a CMT license, and much more, I am confident that together we can improve your fitness and rehab goals.



San Diego Studio

My conveniently located private studio is customized to provide a world-class training experience. Complete with top-of-the-line equipment, luxury bathrooms, and towel service, the studio is thoroughly equipped to cater to your training needs.


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