Dan Melita, MS, CMT, CSCS

Neurokinetic Therapy Level 3
San Diego Study Group Leader & Assistant Instructor

Active Release Technique (ART) Full Body Certified

Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) Full Body Certified

I knew that fitness was going to be a very large aspect of my life from a very young age. Baseball and Martial Arts were my passions growing up and my involvement in both taught me how important fitness was to overall mental and physical health. At 16 years old I established my first fitness club in high school, and began learning the intricacies of exercise program design. I was lucky enough to have a great teacher that planted the seeds that helped me grow into where I am today.

After high school I joined the United States Army and became an Infantry member of a Special Operations Unit, where fitness was paramount. While in the service I was required to learn a great deal of medical skills that allowed me study the body in greater detail. My passion for understanding how the human body works continued to grow deeper and deeper. After sustaining a few injuries in the service I decided it was time to start a new chapter and I left the military with an honorable discharge.

Once I was back in the civilian world I was working on putting my body back together and found a passion for rehabilitation. It was at this point that I began trying to learn as much as I could about the body and how to fix it was various approaches. While I was going through countless certification courses I finished my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at San Diego State University, but still wanted to learn more. With my B.S. degree in hand I was able to obtain my CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) credential, which is considered to be the gold standard for all exercise related certifications and credentials. Then a few years later I completed my Masters Degree in Exercise Science with a Rehabilitative Exercise concentration.

Today I continue to expand my education and skill set by earning a license in massage therapy, which includes manual therapies and neurological reconditioning. It is my endless endeavor to be one of the most well rounded health professionals so that I can provide my clients with the best possible service in all aspects of the fitness and rehabilitation worlds.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have about my experience and I’d be more than happy to answer them

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” -Malcolm S. Forbes

I have been helping people meet and exceed all of their fitness related goals and I would love to help YOU do the same.

“The choices we make, dictate the lives we lead”


I currently hold or have held the following certifications:

NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) Level 3
Active Release Technique (ART) Full Body Level 1
Active Release Technique (ART) Level 2
Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) Full Body
P-DTR Foundations
NFPT Master Trainer
NESTA Master Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

IFPA Pre and Post-Natal Instructor
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
NFPT Advanced Sport Nutrition Specialist
NFPT Advanced Endurance Training Specialist
NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
NESTA Certified Biomechanics Specialist
NESTA Certified Functional Fitness Specialist

NFPT Advanced Weight Training Specialist
NESTA Certified Core Conditioning Specialist
NESTA Certified Speed, Agility, Quickness Specialist
CHEK Life Coach
APEX Certified Personal Trainer
AFTA Certified Fitness Trainer


Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, concentration in Fitness, Health, & Nutrition

Masters of Science in Kinesiology concentration in Rehabilitation Sciences

Continued Education: The health industry is an ever changing field of study, and because of this, I feel as though it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve in education. With this being said, I have completed countless hours of continued education in Injury Rehab, Pregnancy Training, Youth and Elderly Training, Sport Specific Training (golf, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, basketball, martial arts, swimming, running, cycling, tennis, and volleyball), Sports Nutrition, Group Training, Program Design, Scientific Back Conditioning, Core Conditioning, Golf Biomechanics, Corrective Stretching, and many more. Currently my educational focus is more geared towards functional neurology and manual therapies so that I can better serve all injury rehab and pain management clients.

Overall Health: Since it’s important to have a good knowledge of the medical side of health, I have been a certified EMT since I was 18 years old and I currently maintain a CPR/First AID professional rescuer certification.

In my practice I treat dozens of Doctors from different medical fields and continue to study a wide range of medical journals surrounding the world of musculoskeletal, neurological, and pain management. I am currently working on developing a new certification course based on the methodology that I have created using various aspects of my educational background. To accomplish this, I have multiple medical doctors reviewing my material and I conduct local seminars for health and fitness professionals to refine the content of the courses. I hope to launch with my first certification course in 2021.

Danielle Barker, CPT, CES, NKT-3

When I was just 15, I discovered how important taking care of my health was to me and that fitness was going to be a huge aspect of my life. I spent a lot of time being active when I was younger doing gymnastics and martial arts and loved the way it made me feel. As I got older, weight training became a passion of mine and felt more like a hobby than a chore.

Over the past few years, I have spent my free time learning everything I could about different exercises and how I could implement them into my workouts.  Soon friends and family began to ask me for advice on how to live healthier lives through exercise. That’s when I decided to begin studying to become a certified personal trainer so that I can help others achieve their goals.

Learning how to human body works opened up a whole new world to me. I currently study directly under and work side by side with Dan Melita so that I can further my career in injury rehabilitation and pain management. What started as a desire for a physique became an education on functionality and something I want to share with others.


I currently hold or have held the following certifications:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Neurokenetic Therapy – Level 3
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
Active Release Technique (ART) – Spine
American Council on Exercise (ACE) – Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Specialist

Continuing education courses

Lymphatic Mojo (Stop Chasing Pain)
Anatomy Trains
Structural Kinesiology
Microbiome (Gut) Health
Along with over 5,000 hours of shadowing Daniel Melita, MS


Nobody is the exact same. As a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, I believe that a program must be tailored differently to each individual. Muscle imbalances are different on everyone, and that is why one on one training with a specific plan to address certain joints are so critical to avoid pain and injury. Using comprehensive muscle testing through Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), I am able to determine which specific muscles are overactive and underactive. This allows me to create an exercise program to meet your specific needs and help you reach your goals in a pain free manner.

I work to help others reach their personal goals that fit into their lifestyle, whether that be muscle gain, fat loss, stability, or overall improved function. Simple aches and pains may be removed from everyday life by strengthening certain muscles through corrective exercise. It is my goal to get my clients to where they want to be in a safe and effective manner.

After a quick diagnostic of where you are, I can deliver the results you are looking for. Consistency and a willing effort is all I need from you. 

Ryan Neuwirt, CMT, CPT, PES

When I was in middle school, I was a pretty overweight kid. By the time I was 14, I found myself pushing about 185 pounds and 33% body fat. My Freshman year, I discovered wrestling. I stumbled upon a way to take out some teenage aggression, and a great way to get stronger and healthier. At the time, my mom was working through some issues with allergies and chronic migraine utilizing food and exercise, which sparked my curiosity about how I could use it to feel better as well. Naturally, I discovered that both of them made me better at wrestling. At 17, I was lifting weights with a friend of mine, who had years of experience in the weight room. He pointed out just how horrendous my technique on the bench press was, and I was hooked. Obsessed with the idea that doing things with the right technique made me functionally stronger than the next person, I started reading books and articles about form and the best ways to get stronger and faster. While going through this process, I decided that I wanted to help others along their journey and a career path was born. By the time I graduated, I could run a 5:10 mile, 400 yds in a minute, and deadlift almost 400 pounds. I was also a pretty happy 176 pounds and 6% body fat.

I soon realized that training hard 5-6 days per week wasn’t working. I wasn’t happy, I was in pain. I wanted to change both of those things. So I stopped weightlifting for the first time in 6 years, started distance running and practicing more eastern modalities such as yoga and meditation. A month in, my body and mind had completely transformed. I felt alive again.

While I don’t believe that yoga and distance running are the answer to everything (nor recommend them to everyone), these changes made me realize that intensity is not what we should be constantly chasing. I believe we need to have the ability to work hard, but a lot of problems start to develop when it is the default. I have spent time learning about how to foster resilience and robustness in the body, while also learning how to rid myself of pain and postural imbalances. I’ve discovered that it isn’t done entirely with hard workouts, but by understanding when and where to apply the right kind of exercise. So that in time, you can crush a hard workout, minus the aches and pains.

Since I started working with others, I’ve been continually growing through certifications, continuing education courses, and a reading/podcast list that continues to grow exponentially. Getting licensed in massage therapy has allowed me to add a hands on component to helping others as well. Much of my current interest lies in functional neurology and how it applies to movement. How can we leverage it to improve how we feel and function? This is a driving force for me. By encouraging cooperation between nerves, muscles, and joints, and fostering a better understanding of what your body is communicating to you, my goal is to help you experience the best your body can be.


CSM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
Certified Massage Therapist
MovNat Level 2 certified coach
Stick Mobility Level 1
Integrated Kinetic Neurology Level 1
Original Strength: Pressing RESET

Continuing education courses

Parkinsons regeneration training
Moving with the Maestro
Integrated kinetic Neurology
Conscious vs. subconscious movement strategies: Assessment and Rehab integration
Vestibular system: Assessment and Loading for Movement Practitioners
IKN Performance