Most people don’t realize that once someone reaches the age of 62 years old, that any personal trainer that they work with needs to have a certification in elderly training for them to be legally qualified to work with the elderly. I have completed this certification and have had great success with clients as old as 93 years old! Our bodies start to change after the age of 30 and our bones, joints, ligaments and chemical make-up is drastically different by the time we retire.

To give you an idea as to what some of the physiological changes are as we get older, I have listed some below with a brief explanation of how they effect your training routine as you age.

Decreased Bone Density – As we age the density of our bones starts to decrease which means that our bodies can’t handle the same type of exercise program that they used to.

Joint and Ligament Degradation – The fact of the matter is that our ligaments become more elastic as we age which causes more stress on the joints. By doing balance oriented training with proper technique, this process can be slowed drastically which in the long run will help prevent injury.

Decreased Lung Function – There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the decreased lung function that we experience as we get older; however, most of these factors can be controlled by proper exercise. The postural muscles of the the torso weaken causing the diaphragm’s movement to be restricting decreasing the lung capacity. With the proper type and technique of corrective exercises you will be breathing better before you know it.