Have you ever wondered why you may be experiencing pain somewhere, yet you couldn’t figure out why? This pain is most likely caused be a postural deviation somewhere in your body. Everybody has some type of imbalance in their body and by uncovering them through a series of assessments, I will design a program tailored to correct these issues while at the same time incorporating your goals.

AS a Corrective Exercise Specialist I am confident that we will uncover any deviation and be able to correct it so that you are feeling better than ever.

Everything in the body starts from the ground up when dealing with the muscles so all corrections begin with the feet. If your feet are misaligned, most likely do to an imbalance between your calves and your anterior tibialis, then the rest of your body will be off as well. As you move up the body and enter the pelvis region it’s important to understand that almost everyone has some degree of leg length difference. This difference can tilt your pelvis into a suboptimal position which can cause the muscles of your midsection to fight against each other in order to try to correct the tilt. This fighting between the muscles can be a major cause of lumbar pain and if approached correctly can be fixed to a point where you won’t be feeling any more pain.

To get started on your postural assessments and corrections Contact me today and we will start pulling your body into it’s optimal position.