Dr. Jose Palomar, MD, the founder P-DTR uses the terms “software” vs “hardware” to explain that when the software system of the body, meaning mechanoreceptors, is injured or broken, no amount of hardware, muscles, bones, ligaments, etc., corrections will help.

Since the brain controls the muscles, which provide for movement, and the mechanoreceptors send the signals to the brain so that it knows what message to send to the muscles, it’s very important that this system is in good working order to ensure proper function of the body. When there are breaks in the communication between the brain and the mechanoreceptors, injuries or chronic pain are a common result.

There are limited systems that have methods for identifying mechanoreceptor dysfunctions, and that’s why traditional methods of physical therapy, chiropractic, surgery, etc., don’t produce the desired result.

I have begun my journey learning as much about this system as I possibly can, and I’ve had great results from using what I know so far.  Over the months and years to come I will continue to progress through the different levels of P-DTR, while providing my clients with new ways to bring long lasting and sometimes permanent improvements.

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