Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, I can develop a SPORT SPECIFIC PROGRAM that will set you apart from the rest. Having trained Professional Football and Baseball players as well as Professional Mixed Martial Artists, I am fully qualified to help you take your game to the next level.

Football – A game of power, speed, agility and explosion that requires your body to be able to withstand constant punishment from your opponent or directed towards your opponent. It is extremely important that you are training in a way that is Biomechanically correct for your sport in order to help fight off injury and stand above the competition. No matter what your position is I will develop a program geared towards the movements and the needs of your sports position. No player or position is the same which means that no program should be the same either. Contact me for more information on how I can help you reach new heights.

Baseball – Power, agility, speed and hand-eye coordination are king when talking about baseball. They all need to be focused on in order to improve all aspects of your game no matter what position. Pitchers require a completely different biomechanical type program than any other position in any other sport. By developing the correct type of strength through-out the body, with special attention focused on the strengthening of the shoulders and rotator cuff, the command and velocity of your pitches will be unlike anything you’ve experienced. Position players are unique as well with each position requiring a different type of training program. From catchers to infielders to outfielders I can tailor a program designed to improve all aspects of your game and to give you a jump on the competition. Contact me if you’re looking to take your game above the rest

Mixed Martial Arts – A sport that dates back thousands of years to the ancient Greek civilization. Pankration has withstood the test of time and is making it’s way back into the forefront of today’s society. Having worked with fighters from the UFC and Strikeforce, I know what it takes to prepare your body for it’s up coming fights, as well as the proper way to make weight without sacrificing the muscle that was built in the preparation process. Contact me to find out how I can help you win your next fight with ease.

Basketball – When I think of basketball, speed, agility, and explosiveness come to mind. Each position although unique requires all of these characteristics in order to be successful. On top of all these skills it is also extremely important to improve the stabilization muscles of the lower body in order to fend off injury from the constant impact brought on by high repetitions of jumping. Contact me to start a detailed program that will improve your game faster than you could imagine.

Soccer – Endurance, speed, and agility are some of the most important characteristics that one must possess if they want to succeed in soccer. After the recent world cup, soccer is larger than ever and now is the time to start a program that will help you reach much higher levels of play. Contact me to find out how.

Hockey – Balance, power and agility are needed in order to skate well and be a force on the ice. Having your land legs taken away from you is not an easy task to deal with. By improving your balance and agility while on surfaces that can mimic the ice, you will notice an amazing difference the next time you lace up your skates. Contact me to find out more about Hockey Specific Training!

Sport Goals

There are a lot of different goals that people have in the world of sports. Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to set yourself ahead in your league or you’re just looking to be able to play a certain sport again, I can help you unlock your true potential with a sport specific training program.

If you are interested in taking your game to the next level, Contact me today and we will get you started!