Lets face it, life is full of different stressors. It’s how we handle these stressors that affects our health. There is a chemical produced in the adrenal gland of our bodies in times of stress known as Cortisol. This chemical can have a lot of negative effects on the body if it isn’t managed properly, and one of the best ways to manage it is through exercise.

Have you noticed that when you are stressed, you become more irritated? This is the bodies natural response to an overdose of cortisol into the bloodstream. On top of the increased irritation, when cortisol is not managed, our bodies will begin to experience all of the negative side effects associated with chronic stress.

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Stress Effects

Short Term Effects of Stress –

* Diversion of the blood from less vital to more vital organs.
* Increase in the heart rate to supply more blood quickly.
* Increase in the blood pressure to supply blood efficiently.
* Increase in the respiratory rate to get more oxygen from the atmosphere.
* Breakdown of glycogen stores in liver and muscle to get more glucose.
* Formation of more glucose from non carbohydrate substances.

Long Term Effects of Stress –

* Chronic head ache
* Mood swings
* Anxiety disorder
* Substance abuse
* Memory disturbances
* Heart attack due increased blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol
* Stroke due to similar reasons
* Weight loss or gain
* Exacerbation of allergies including asthma
* Irritable Bowel disease
* Ischemic Bowel disease like Crohn’s disease
* Decreased sexual drive
* Sleeplessness